Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Seniors

Where to begin?

WELL! one of mikes best friends bobby decided to tell me he likes me last night and has ever since i started going out with honestly made me sick to my stomach because nicole started likeing mike as soon as me and mike started going out. How terrible is it that you start liking your best friends bf/gf as soon as they start going out with them??!! i cant believe it! so i told him that....hes just...well hes really not my type we'll just leave it at that....but then theres Alton. All id heard about him was that he was a dousche (sp?) bag and a big one at that. But the first day of track i figured that I dont want to hate anyone on the team so i decided id become his friend. The first time he said something doushey i smacked him. I think that made all the difference. because that night i imed him on facebook saying 'alton is a panzy' as a joke and then we ended up talking for a while about my lack of confidence and was nice. then he missed the tuesday wednesday and thursday of track so i saw him n i guess we kinda flirted a little. but hey im a flirt i cant help it. And its good that hes friends with Q. so they were running and said 'we're gonna run right through melanie; and they almost knocked me over it was funny. then after track i was talking to alton and then all of a sudden Q came over and started talking to me too. So occasionally i hit alton when he said something stupid but he said 'not gonna lie i kinda like it that ur violent' so i just kind of laughed and said 'ur gonna marry an ax murderer' but i think there was a bit more too it....altons a wicked cool guy but i dont want him to think that i really like him or hes fun to flirt w/ but i dont want to lead him on or anything. then Q decided to call me mini karin...normally id hate that but i didnt cuz he liikes its a good thing i suppose [:. He pushed me but hes really boney so he left red marks so i was flirting with him and like playfully hitting him ...not like w/alton but i was like 'YOU CANT HIT A GIRL NOW APOLOGIZE!!" and he said that im never gonna get an apology so i smacked him. that night i was talking to alton n he totally opened up to me...i suppose it wasnt THAT weird but it was defenitely strange. he said 'i feel like i can trust you' because hes having a lot of family issues that i will not say because well..he trusts me not to tell anyone but its SCREWED up. so i told him id be there for him. i hope that him confiding in me is a step toward us being really good friends as opposed to anything relationship oriented. because hes wicked cool and yeah..i could see myself with alton honestly but hes not the one i want..thats Q. Hes a senior..too much of an age difference. And according to sean im 'not allowed' to like him....but thats another post. idk. these seniors are driving me insane!

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