Friday, December 11, 2009

The Insecurities

Where to Begin?

Well, i just dont know. WHY do I fall so hard and so fast for guys i dont even know? Tyler was a 24-hour head over heels type thing. But Quinton...i dont even know when it happened. But all I know is i wanted to be in his group and i was rigging the odds so we could be together (to bad sully switched me out for no reason ]:<) But he was karin's friend. SO apparently he texted Karin and told him he liked thats really depressing because once again, anyone would pick karin over me. And according to my sources SHE likes HIM too. wow. So now he will forever be my sisters (ex) bf. and its just a childish crush for me to like having a crush on the jonas brothers or something...never going to happen. And what's the use in fighting for him if karin already won? boy likes girl girl likes boy end of story. Why would he want a stupid little freshman imitation when he could have the sophomore original version. He's just so cute and i can't get him off my mind which is foolish because ive barely had a conversation with him. And yet i feel my stomach fluttering when he elbows me n flirts over stupid stuff. I find myself secretly smiling when karin asks him to the dance as a joke and jokingly he says 'no but ill go with your sister'...since when do i like him more than tyler? I have GOT to stop going from guy to guy like this its just not right. Why do i keep falling for guys I hardly know? if i believed in love in first sight I dont anymore...because it would be love at first sight..and then again with another guy at a different time. WHEN did i start liking Quinton???

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