Saturday, December 19, 2009

The fine line

Where to begin?

THREE TIMES. THREE TIMES THIS WEEK HAS SOMEOBODY TOLD ME THAT IM 'NOT ALLOWED TO LIKE SOMEBODY' me: i talked to alton kenney. sean: youre not allowed to like him..even though nobody said i did! me: i talked to casey kajdan. dana: you CANT like him again..when did i say i did?? me: devin perdue is kinda cute. karin and sean: dont even go there you cant like him. There is a big difference between warning me that its a bad idea and ordering me around. you cant tell me what i can and cant not just some rag doll you can toss around. I have thoughts and feelings and i can make my own decisions. sean had good intentions in telling me that alton was a dousche bag. fine but he coulda just said 'i wouldnt if i were you' instead of ordering me around. but dana....her only reasoning was 'nope my best friend likes him so you cant. i wont let you.' thast ridiculous...even if she had said 'well my best friend really likes liking him might start some drama' i woulda respected her a bit more not much but a little bit more. i just...urgh theres a fine line between looking out for me and telling me what to do. you cant tell me how to feel!!! its frustrating.

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