Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Basic Information

Where to begin?

I suppose I should start at the firs time i saw him. It was just another lame school function. But the sight of my good friend was sure to make it better. That's when i noticed him standing next to her. I never expected that I would fall so hard for him so fast. By 8:00 I knew that I was gonna fall for this boy, and fall hard. So I knew I'd have to try to go after him. But after about a week Danners told him about my childish, and teenage crush. and ever since then he hasnt been too keen to talk to me. Im not sure why I like him so much, but I do. He's the first guy I know who's into the same kind of music I am (i.e. All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Boys Like Girls) Not to mention hes cute as a button. There's something about him that just ...draws me in (mind my cliche) Even if we could never be more than friends, Im not sure that i could give up his friendship even though i met him jsut a little while ago. After realizing that we would never amount to anything..i was unsure of myself. I decided that if i just gave up on him and let him go (a clean break if you will) then everything would go back to normal. But a day of avoiding the urge to take a glance at him was harder than i could have ever imagined. I tried getting mad at him but that didn't work so I avoided him. But this was a totally agonizing day. So in the end, there is no way I can possibly give up on him.

Quote: Never give up on someon you cant go a day with out thinking about

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