Thursday, December 17, 2009

The reason i cried at lunch

Where to begin?

Well its karin. {period} and nicole {period again} why do i care so much that Q likes karin? how do i even know she does? but at the same time why would karin lie about him saying he liked her? well theres the answer: karins a terrible and evil person. and i just am so so afraid that karin can easily make anyone like her better than me....i just didnt know who my real friends are. there was nobody to stand up and say that theyd pick me over anyone...i didnt have a bestfriend and its the worst feeling in the world. i hope you never have to know it. ANYWAYS today....woah. according to dana she askd holly and her and Q ARENT going out woot woot!! [: i hope its true. but we were getting into groups for track and as soon as i said something different from Q he looks over to me and says 'YES im not in YOUR group' so i was like 'umm..thanks Q?' idk whats up w/him. hes soooo cute though. later karin kicked me in the friggon leg 'by accident'...but like seroiusly you could see i was right there ...i hate her there is a GASH in my leg now XP so then i was just sittin there so dana and serena came over and sat w/me so i said 'serena whats wrong' and she said that her back hurt. so then i said 'i gotta go i think my rides here' so i walk a little bit away and dana *whispers* loudly : ok so tell me whats really its like...seriously wth?? do you honestly think that youre so much better friends with her and so much better than me that only you can know whats wrong with her? is it really that big of a deal that I cant hear? is this all some kind of joke? it was like she was rubbing it in my face that serena would pick dana over me and visa versa. so she came over and was like 'melanie im sorry' but there was something in her voice that was almost...nagging? ..whining? idk but it was one of those 'o come on like you didnt see this coming IM her better friend so of course shes gonna tell me more..dont be mad at me for that' so i said 'no im done just go away' cuz im done w/all her drama...its aaalllll about dana 100% of the time. she askd me why i was so in love w/kevin camidge so i started to tell her my story which i LOVE telling, because i will always love kevin. but thtas a story for another day. but anyway she ended up interrupting me half way through and went into this story about Xavier. like...why ask ?? urgh w/e. i really just dont want all the dramma in my life. and if it means letting go of some drama providers than fine, i dont care. i know that sounds so cold especially near the holidays but i need to be happy again if im gonna stay in enfield...if i cant be happy then im moving and i dont want to. so i gotta try hard to stay here. and i intend to. so anyway when i got hoome it was the first day in weeks that i got on the laptop first before karin. so randomly she starts crying..literally when moom walks in n shes like 'EVERYOONE ON THE TRACK TEAM HATES ME MELANIE TOLD THEM ALL THAT I BEAT HER UP SO THEY THINK IM SOME KIND OF BRAT I HATE HER!' and im like '...youre kidding me riight? ur serious right now/? youre crazy..i told dana n serena ..maybe holly n garett about what a jerk you are to me sometimes but its not like i got the whole track team in a circle n showed them battle wounds...' but of course once again my mom said 'i know you well enough mel, its not nice to go and tell abselute strangers lies about your sister' so of course...karin lies and my mom buys it....its ridiculous. so my mom says 'get off the laptop, karin you can go on' and so im like 'YOURE FREEKON SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? WOW....YOU ALWAYS SIDE WITH HER!" and i went upstairs... its friggon ridiculous!!! but w/e cant change the past...cant change my mom. oh well. every other weekend WITHOUT my dad...yipee!

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  1. melanie you got me! [:
    i'd pick you over karin anyday.