Saturday, February 20, 2010

Guys suck

would you mind if i cry at your expense?
No? i didnt think so.
would you care?
..Thats what i figured.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The man whore

Where to begin?

i. like. him. so. much! i cant get over it...everyone keeps saying hes bad news but im not seeing it...hes so nice! his hugs...well they leave me shaking. i just cant believe that a guy as hot as him would want anything to do with me...i dont understand. hes soo awesome. and yeah hes a total man whore who may or may not lied to me about the number of girls hes slept with but i dont care. he hasnt done anything bad to me, and i really really like him. Its impossible to explain, hes abselutely amazing. And i cant get him outta my head. Hes constantly on my mind. Its him that i want. not anyone else. and i wont settle for anyone but him.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Realization

Where to begin?

How sad is it that every guy ive tried to make like me this year has ended terribly. Wow, thats really depressing. I mean it seems like everyone likes me this year that i didnt want to like me. I mean i basically put myself out there to devon...who screws any girl. but not me. he said hed never date me or anything else. wow thats an epic failure. and its seans fault, and meghans. 'i dont want you to have to get shit from ur friends/fam' his words. damn. its their fault. now ill never know if i even had a chance in the first place. how depressing.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The accusations

Lets play a game:
Never have i ever....gone ice skating
Never have i ever....grown a mustache
Never have i ever...HAD SEX SO STOP IT OK!?!??!

This is the reason i didnt tell her. Yeah shes like my sister but i KNEW she'd flip out. and of course she did. its not like i did anything with him so lay off ok? i mean my friends sure thats fine they actually know the story and are just warning me. but HER! she doesnt even know what happened..i feel like a slut as it is so lay off ok meghan?!?!?!?!! urgh

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Evil

Where to begin?

Well alton was supposed to ask me out today, but i was nervous he screamed 'will you go out with me' while karin was right there so i said NO cuz i was upset thaht karin had heard and he embarassed me he said 'so thats it?' and i said nope looked back and smiled at him. karin called me a bitch. she told my mom i was a terrible 'inhumane' and cruel person and my mom lectured me. then i got a text from serena saying'aw melanie ?' kim saying 'u should give alton a chance blah blah blah' and meghan saying 'ur a bitch' like seriously? shes been a terrible mentor she can blame it all on me fine i dont want anything to do with her. then i made the mistake of leavng my phone downstairs karin decided it was ok to read my texts and take altons number. he later told me that she said what a bitch i was (and he defended me saying im not and he just put me on the spot) that i shouldnt have don that and he deserves better. he also asked why he liked me (which he replied cuz im cute funny and smart [:) and she told him that she hates me thats when he said enough i dont want to hear this and stopped talking to her, what a back stabber!!!! shes pure concentrated evil.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Confusion

Where to begin?
What if i told you i was starting to like alton? what if i toldyou i couldnt go a day with out seeing quinton but i know its pointless? what if i told you that i could never truly get over quinton though i have to? what if i told you that i told tyler i liked him? what if i told you tyler said he might like karin? ...well it all happened. nuff said.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The less and the more

Where to Begin?

So less: BOBBY ASKED ME OUT SATURDAY NIGHT OVER AIM!!!!! i was youre my brothers friend and i went out w/mike. wicked creepy..i get the feeling hes just gonna stop talking to me...oh well i suppose. ive talked to alton almost all day every day this weekend, i suppose its cool as long as we maintain the friends thing. im happy now, i have balance in my life and my confidence has recovered from that huge blow it took earlier almost completely now. im happy , thats all that matters.