Monday, January 4, 2010

The Evil

Where to begin?

Well alton was supposed to ask me out today, but i was nervous he screamed 'will you go out with me' while karin was right there so i said NO cuz i was upset thaht karin had heard and he embarassed me he said 'so thats it?' and i said nope looked back and smiled at him. karin called me a bitch. she told my mom i was a terrible 'inhumane' and cruel person and my mom lectured me. then i got a text from serena saying'aw melanie ?' kim saying 'u should give alton a chance blah blah blah' and meghan saying 'ur a bitch' like seriously? shes been a terrible mentor she can blame it all on me fine i dont want anything to do with her. then i made the mistake of leavng my phone downstairs karin decided it was ok to read my texts and take altons number. he later told me that she said what a bitch i was (and he defended me saying im not and he just put me on the spot) that i shouldnt have don that and he deserves better. he also asked why he liked me (which he replied cuz im cute funny and smart [:) and she told him that she hates me thats when he said enough i dont want to hear this and stopped talking to her, what a back stabber!!!! shes pure concentrated evil.

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